Changing the World From Within

Women's Leadership Circle

Join me once every 2 weeks to connect, rejuvenate and expand your horizons.

Sept 29, 2020 - Jan 5, 2021

8am-10am PST / 11am-1pm EST


I see you.

You feel the pull to go inward, to know yourself better, and your runs aren’t cutting it.

You are your biggest cheerleader for your mission and dreams.

You love what you do but something is missing.

You’re feeling unsure about how to lead at this time.

Connecting with other change-makers would be nice, but it’s hard to find the time.

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You are not alone!

Time and again I see amazing change-makers, like us, lifting up our communities, our families, and teams, but forgetting to consciously cultivate that same support for ourselves on a regular basis. It can be so easy to lose focus and burnout on the way to the summit. I understand because I’ve been there.

Before my journey with cancer, I thought my primary role in life was to control every element of the world around me. I put my passions to the side and made sure everyone else was okay. At the core though, I felt like something was missing despite the amazing work I was doing. What I didn't realize was that to create the change I wanted to see in the world, I actually had to BE the change. For me, that meant focusing on my passions, bringing more joy into my life, and connecting with people who lifted me up and inspired me. So, instead of unconsciously striving, doing, fixing - what I now consider a very masculine approach to life - I started to focus on listening and letting go.

In that space, I honed my intuition, got clear on my priorities, learned how to receive, and I learned the importance of community. And what all of that did was make me even more effective at achieving my mission - to bring love and joy to the world. I want to offer you that same transformational opportunity by creating a space for you to connect, listen, and use your voice. Let's be the change together!


It’s an amazing form of therapy. You’re asked questions that push you to self-reflect and dig deep, and you learn from other people with varied life experiences and perspectives. It’s a safe space with no judgment, the perfect place to be vulnerable and grow.

— Circle Participant

What if you could...

  • Dedicate time to reaching your dreams?
  • Lead with maximum impact?
  • Feel supporting and lifted up?
  • Be an even more effective change-maker?
  • Have the time of your life doing it?!

Join me & 7 other conscious women in a highly intimate 8-week virtual circle experience where we gather for guided, in-depth conversations and emerge refreshed and reunited with our deepest dreams, our inner wisdom, and unshakable support as we joyfully step into being the change we want to see in the world.


In this program, you will receive:

Weekly journal prompts to dive deeper.

Intimate connections with change-makers across North America.

Virtual hosting - attend from anywhere in the world.

Eight 2-hour circle sessions spread over 16 weeks to connect, grow, and step into your light.

Lots of floor time with registration limited to 8 women.

One 45-minute personal coaching session to get clear on your intention.

Sample topics include:

  • Week #1 - Uncovering our stories
  • Week #2 - Re-igniting the dream
  • Week #3 - Leading with love
  • Week #4 - Role of the feminine leader
  • Week #5 - Letting go
  • Week #6 - Inner circle support
  • Week #7 - Unwavering guidance
  • Week #8 - Authentically you


It's the friendliest, most inviting way to do some deeper thinking, feeling, and sharing. It immediately fills the desire you have probably been feeling for more honest connection, and then ripples throughout your life, making every connection feel truer.

— Circle Participant

Meet Ame-Lia.

Hi, my name is Ame-Lia Tamburrini and I am passionate about changing the ways that we engage with one another. This passion stems from over 13 years of meeting with diverse populations across the globe and witnessing the divisiveness that results from unconscious communication. My special gift is creating safe containers for people to be heard, and to listen to the answers that are within them.  Today I run Hum Consulting - an organization dedicated to creating more harmony, unity, and momentum in the world, one conversation at a time.  My path to here involved an intensive 2-year immersion program with Gary Zukav, endless hours of coaching, training with the One Circle Foundation and Peace of the Circle, many facilitated dialogues, and a journey with cancer that got me laser-focused on my purpose in life. I believe that together we can create the impossible and I'm excited to create that with you.  

I am so looking forward to being in circle with you!


This Virtual Circle Experience Is For You If You Want To:

  • Be supported by change-makers across North America
  • Connect more strongly with your inner wisdom
  • Re-ignite your passions
  • Be an even more effective change-maker
  • Have more love and joy in your life


The 8-week virtual circle experience starts Sept 29th!



Joining the virtual circle experience shouldn't be limiting. That's why there are two payment options - in full or a flexible payment plan.

Payment in Full

(save $51)

$549.00 USD

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Payment Plan

4 payments of $150.00 USD

Prices represent early-bird pricing. On Sept 16, 2020 prices increase to $650 for payment in full and $175/month for payment plan.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is this a mastermind?

Great question! A traditional Mastermind is a combination of peer brainstorming, accountability and support in a group setting to create the success you want. A women’s leadership circle is a bit different and a whole lot better! Think of it like going to the spa (listening without needing to fix, coach, or give advice is so dreamy and relaxing), getting therapy (time to work through and process some of the nagging bits that are sucking away your energy and causing strife), and coaching (your own inner wisdom will emerge as you listen to others' stories and take time to listen to yourself).

Why Eight (8) Sessions?

The arc of group dynamics and relationship-building generally starts with testing, and moves through consistency, courage, and finally trust. In that space of trust, we can dive deeper and create life-shifting moments together. This is about long-lasting change - a collective reconnection to our inner knowing and the things that are most important to us. Every circle will be powerful, but it will get even more powerful as we enter weeks 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Who is a change-maker?

Anyone who is committed to making the world a better place. Maybe you work in or lead an organization dedicated to serving the public; maybe you are a parent trying to raise compassionate and loving kids who feel like they belong in the world; maybe you’re a consultant dedicated to creating new methods that help people heal, connect, or grow in your chosen field. If you consider yourself a change-maker, then you are.

What is circle dialogue?

Circle dialogue is an ancient practice gifted to the world 1000's of years ago. When we sit in circle, we see the world through someone else’s lens, shifting our perspective. We also get to be seen and heard—no interruptions, no advice giving, no need to be “right”—just sharing our stories. Circle will shift the way you relate to one another and uncover solutions you never would have dreamed of.

How will this work online?

After registration, you’ll receive a private and secure link to a Zoom meeting room. Every other week at 8am PST / 11am EST you’ll log on and join 7 other change-makers for 2 hours of circle dialogue. We’ll ask that everyone use their video setting to create intimacy and ensure safety. During our first circle, we’ll create agreements to ensure the space is safe for everyone to share openly, and then we’ll dive in. Generally, the flow will be opening, check-in, a series of questions and activities for reflection, check-out, and closing. And yes, we’ll have a break! Over time, we’ll all settle into this way of being with one another and it will start to feel just as connecting as if we were together in person.


Most people I've spoken to have not done circle work before and they were very interested in it. I tell people it's good for the soul, it's lovely to be in deep with this wonderful group of women. The diverse perspectives and experiences provide great insight. I always walk away feeling better.

— Circle Partcipant

Women's Leadership Circle

Changing the World From Within

SEPT 29, 2020 8am PST / 11am EST